Cloud Cryptocurrency Mining 2017


Marco Andreas Streng (born 1989) is a German businessman, and the chief executive officer and co-founder of Genesis Group, a cryptocurrency business based in Iceland that is one of the largest bitcoin and ether mining operations.

In 2017, Genesis was described by CNBC as "the world's largest cloud-based.

PRNewswire/ — ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc., a North American-based cryptomining hardware company, today unveiled the SC200 Mining Rig for the.

AWS was hit with a record DDoS attack earlier this year, the cloud giant has admitted, saying it fended off a monstrous.

28 Sep 2017.

Monero mining malware software is quietly working in the background and.

infecting unpatched Windows webservers with a malicious cryptocurrency miner.

Candlestick chart of the XMR/USD exchange rate in August, 2017.

vulnerability and both point to servers in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Chinese firm Ebang, a leading developer of cryptocurrency mining hardware, confirmed on June 26.

According to Ebang’s HKEX.

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The cryptocurrency mining malware was found to be communication with an IP address in Korea, casting speculations about its origin. In the same blog post, Jessen Kurien from Cloud Security Investigations & Intelligence at Microsoft Azure Security also lists few remediation steps which includes;

27 Feb 2018.

Cloud mining, or remote cryptocurrency mining, is a contentious topic. Using a.

The last months of 2017 saw huge swings in value. How do.

Researchers at the cloud monitoring and defense firm RedLock published findings on Tuesday that some of Tesla’s Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure was running mining malware in a far.

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