Bitpay To Help Test Extension Blocks Stephen Pair Medium

12 May 2017.

Stephen Pair, CEO and co-founder of BitPay, said BitPay will be among the.

BitPay plans to be among those parties evaluating the code, Pair noted, writing in Medium.

Shortly after Pair voiced his support for extension blocks, bcoin.

A public testnet operating extension blocks has been released with.

25 Apr 2017.

Bitpay's CEO Stephen Pair responded with an article on April 24.

This news of testing extension blocks comes at a time of great divide.

“In this step, nodes begin upgrading to support the new rules.

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24 Apr 2017.

A few weeks ago I published an article giving an overview of an idea that has been circulating in the Bitcoin community for several years.

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Fireside Chat: Stephen Pair and Tony Gallippi at Distributed: Markets 20177 Apr 2017.

After SegWit-2MB, Extension Blocks is the second proposal from the.

The proposal is backed by BitPay CEO Stephen Pair, Lightning.

In a Medium post, Lee presents the idea: “The goal of this proposal is.

The proposal was written by Andrew Lee from, with the help of Stephen Pair from BitPay,

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