A $79 Million Cryptocurrency Heist Just Happened

17 Jun 2016.

There Was Just A $79 Million Cryptocurrency Heist.

the ethereum blockchain to some point before the hack happened,” notes Stephan Tual.

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29 Jan 2018.

The exchange, Coincheck, has promised to partially refund the 260,000 cryptocurrency investors affected by the theft, although it didn't say when.

18 Jun 2016.

A $50 Million Hack Just Showed That the DAO Was All Too Human.

Instead, the DAO led to a heist that raises philosophical questions about the.

If the hacker tries to sell any of the stolen ether in a cryptocurrency market,

If enough people installed this version, it would be like the hack never happened.

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of cryptocurrency with traditional payments, which is hard to.

$79 million cryptocurrency heist just happened, and it's threatening the future of blockchains, ”.

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