24 Hour Volume Rankings (currency)

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Trade volume of all cryptocurrencies for last 24 hours. About. Coinlore provides original cryptocurrency/coin prices calculated by own algorithm, and other metrics such as markets, volumes, historical prices, charts, coin market caps, blockchain info, API, widgets and more.

BTC/EUR € 5640.31 24.95%. BTC/USD $ 6963.35 23.43%. ETH/USD $ 428.28 114.07% {{ currency.base_currency_code }}/{{ currency.native_currency_code }}.

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Market cap & rank, prices, exchange volumes, and currency conversion!.

based on their price, market capitalization and volume over 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days,

26/12/2017  · It is the total amount of currency that has been circulated within a given time frame. What “24 hour volume” means for cryptocurrency in the simplest terms possible is the total amount of buy and sell orders that have occurred within 24 hours. This is just how I perceive it,

Unfortunately, you can't just take the exchange's word for it or trust exchange volume rankings from sites like CoinMarketCap. Fake volume and wash trading are.

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14 May 2020.

Crypto exchanges generate billions of dollars in trading volume a.

volume – and at the time of writing, this stood at $1.3bn in a 24-hour period.

There has been controversy surrounding the rankings of top cryptocurrency.

24 Hour Volume Rankings (Currency) 1. Tether ( 35.04 %) 2. Bitcoin ( 28.63 %) 3. Ethereum ( 10.73 %) 4. Litecoin ( 2.73 %) 5. EOS ( 2.13 %) 6. Bitcoin Cash ( 2.04 %) 7. XRP ( 1.80 %) 8. TRON ( 1.78 %) 9.

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How to follow the total Market Cap (worth) of all Cryptocurrencies.

If you click on the “Trade Volume' tab 24 hour Volume Rankings by Currency, you can see.

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25 Sep 2019.

Bakkt bitcoin futures contracts saw low volumes on its first day as bitcoin.

In their first 24-hours of trading, Bakkt's new monthly and daily futures contracts, which.

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View the ranking by trading volume on the main trading platforms for the last 24 hours for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies.

19 Feb 2019.

Today, the amount of Ether (ETH) traded in the last 24 hours.

at the site's rankings of the cryptocurrencies with the largest volume in the last.

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